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Top 5 tips to maximize outdoor dining profits at your restaurant

Outdoor seating profits are rising! Are you looking for a way to attract more customers to your restaurant? When the weather is nice, offering patio seating brings ambiance that dining patrons truly enjoy. Here are some tips to help maximize outdoor dining profits at your restaurant.

1. Check your local laws for new guidelines to maintain the proper permits for your patio.

As restaurateurs are seeking to operate outdoors during the COVID-19 Pandemic, outdoor seating has become a survival measure for some and a huge moneymaker for others. Although local governments are assisting restaurant owners by cutting red tape, it is important to take measures for achieving the proper permits for your restaurant. Depending on your local government, approvals may be necessary for maintaining these permits to determine a target opening date. Check your local government to maintain the permits necessary for outdoor dining at your restaurant.

2. How to build a team for successful staffing accommodations

Training your staff properly is a priority for setting your restaurant up for success. Whether you are looking to hire new staff, bringing back temporarily laid off employees, or simply needing to hire temporary help to cover the bases, training is an absolute necessity. To prepare for demand you can use the following guidelines below at your restaurant; obtain additional staffing by hiring temporary help, initiate proper training for new policies for restaurants relating to COVID-19, and share these changes with your customers to maintain transparency.

3. Cleaning up and disinfecting your restaurant

Create a plan for your restaurant based on its unique needs. Take the following in to consideration: high traffic areas, touch points, common areas such as waiting areas, bar areas, places where staff may congregate, bathrooms for your guests, and back of house. To maintain safe behavioral practices at your restaurant, visit the CDC website here for more information:

4. Keep COVID-19 in mind when adding flare

While COVID-19 is still a threat, here are some ways you can keep your customers and staff safe while they are using your patio:

•           Section off the area to separate the space from passing pedestrians

•           Position your tables at least 6 feet apart

•           Provide your staff with necessary sanitation supplies

•           Stock up on sanitation supplies to keep your space clean, staff and customers protected

•           Use paper menus that you can dispose of

•           Provide clear directions to bathrooms and hand-wash stations that customers can use while they dine

•           Sanitize tables between each customer turnover

Design your outdoor patio space by adding railings or enclosures that outline dining areas. If you already have an established outdoor dining space for your guests, adding upgrades such as tents and rope lighting can give your restaurant a boost in ambiance. Another easy way to transform an outdoor area is to add flowers. Get your customers back to your restaurant and attract new customers.

5. Advertise! Advertise! Advertise!

Maximize your profits by highlighting the updates and changes at your restaurant on social media. While purchasing ads in your online news can gain the attention of customers, it is also important to take advantage of free advertising. Utilizing social media outlets such as Instagram and Facebook will generate good word about your restaurant, and let the public know your restaurant is open for business.