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The Food Truck trend is still on the rise. Want to learn how to get in on the action?

Since there were dirt roads and cobblestones streets, there have been chuck wagons and street vendors selling food. It can be a lucrative entrepreneurial business for any hard-working person or team; however, you have to have passion for food creation and a certain level of culinary skill. In addition, you need to be knowledgeable or a quick learner in order to operate the equipment, generator, hookup a water supply, drive the truck safely, and maintain the trucks core functionality.

Why has this trend been increasing in significant numbers from previous decades? One reason was due to the recession and that there has always been a desire to live off the proceeds of a dream. These factors coupled with the public’s demand for variety in quick serve economical gourmet selections have propelled a surge of Food Trucks in countless parts of the United States

While restaurant tenants sign expensive leases and take risks of being locked into a specific location for years, there is a smaller risk in owning a food truck. There can be great rewards in money and the satisfaction of owning a food truck can make you want to work more hours including booking extra events. And, if the time comes where you want to stop and sell your food truck business, trucks typically can do well with respect to holding their resale value.

Even restaurant owners are turning to owning a food truck instead of expanding to another restaurant location. Overhead with a roaming location is lower than a stationary one. Indeed, there is the initial cost, insurance and labor, but minimal cost in permit fees. The advantages are that you can design a food truck that can be operated by one or more workers.  Scheduling is easy, especially if it’s just one person in the food truck. Having workers can assist your growth but also can be more stressful to manage at times. The good thing is you can get a day off or have a flexible schedule if you include workers in your plan.

How to get started and set your budget for a food truck business:

Create a simple menu in order to design the most efficient equipment flow plan, and remember to write down your process of preparation. The flow of your kitchen line and even the window placement to serve customers does matter. You may add or eliminate restaurant equipment depending on each choice you make in your business plan. If you choose to be a caterer, you will need to position warming units that cook and serve. A popular name brand for this is Alto Sham.

You may want to have more than one convection for cooking in volume. There is specialized equipment available such as steamers for compartment cooking.  Unox for example, makes a high efficiency combi cooking unit that cooks fast and does not cross smells when you are cooking a variety of products simultaneously. Your menu may be designed to just cook pizza’s. Of course, the pizza oven selected has to be chosen from how you mix your dough and cook your crust. For instance, brick oven or conveyor style are two methods that require a pan for cooking or stone cooking only with a bit of cornmeal. You will also need a 30-60-quart mixer to mix dough fresh. For large batches, a 60-quart  mixer is necessary. You may opt to buy pizza shells to save labor in a food truck too, but definitely consider the overall quality product.

Permits, fees and inspection requirements can change from town-to-town. You will need to check with your local health department on the number of sinks and configuration. You will also need to hire competent licensed professionals to install hoods, grease traps and gas lines.

Restaurant Equipment Paradise has been a leader in the restaurant supply and commercial industry for more than 20 years. We have also designed and built countless food trucks that speicalize in different cuisines  Feel free to contact us for a consultation and how we can assist with your food truck needs.