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Thanksgiving 2020 will look a little different this year

With COVID-19, Thanksgiving traditions will fundamentally change this year. However, restaurants now have a unique opportunity to bring forth their festive offerings. Restaurants are gaining the opportunity to provide holiday catering packages, build valuable connections with guests, and boost their revenue.

It is safe to assume that many home cooks are experiencing pantry fatigue in quarantine, and COVID-19 is keeping customers coming back to order takeout and delivery. Restaurateurs can capitalize on the pent-up demand by offering a restaurant Thanksgiving experience at home.

As people plan their holiday parties, and organize smaller gatherings at-home, they weigh the option of ordering out to dine-in. Give at-home diners a chance to indulge in traditional holiday dinners by designing a special holiday catering package.

Although the Holidays are looking different this year, some things never change. Expect the family gatherings to be smaller, even when the eyes are bigger than the stomach. The familiar flavors of Thanksgiving feast will surely win your customers palate.

Highlight signature sauces, special dressings, and wholesome baked sides that remind your guests of the Thanksgiving they have missed so much. Turkey will always be the long-standing star of the show (if your family eats meat). Construct a menu that tastes like tradition by including all the must-haves such as gravy, stuffing, warm dinner rolls, and a hearty helping of mashed potatoes.

Social distancing is a concern for people planning family gatherings, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Your restaurant can generate revenue by offering Thanksgiving-to-go. Whether you are serving dine-in or take out to customers, think in terms of festive feasts that serve four to six people.

As the restaurant industry continues to operate during the pandemic, the guidance continues to focus on food safety, cleaning and sanitizing, and employee health monitoring. As restaurants are limited to indoor dining capacities, it is necessary to continue following these operation guidelines.

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