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Strategies for Marketing Your Restaurant

The landscape for most businesses has changed over the years, this includes the restaurant industry as well.  Restaurants are been transformed by technology in order to keep up with the times. Restauranteurs can no longer depend on word of mouth or ‘drive by’ customers for effective marketing. The amount of new restaurateurs opening is more competitive than ever and the ones that are not taking advantage of a digital world are being left behind. This is now a contributing factor to the failure rates of restaurants.

Here are some friendly suggestions to market your restaurant:

1. Social Media

The term ‘food porn’ and social media platforms go hand-in-hand. Patrons are known to snap a photo of their meal(s) right before they eat it and post on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Create and use social media accounts for your restaurant and customers can now “follow your business”. Customers also have a habit of posting or ‘tagging’ the restaurant (location) creating free marketing as their followers will see not only where they are dining, but the dishes that are being consumed.

2. Get a Website

Everyone has a smart phone, laptop, desktop or tablet and are always looking online for a new place to eat.  Having a website for your restaurant will let you to display photos of your cuisine, show off your dining area, allow you to list your address and phone number, as well as link to reservation platforms such as Open Table. This will also help locals and foodies alike to find your restaurant with ease. In order to compete regardless of what type of cuisine you offer, you will need a restaurant website.

3. Have a Contest or Giveaway

Using your social media accounts; tell new and existing customers above a giveaway, or a buy one-get-one free meal special. Once a month you may want to offer the first 50 customer on a select Saturday night an offer to get a free cocktail or appetizer. However, use social media for these types of announcements which will help with your marketing efforts. This is also a great way to acquire new customers for your restaurant.

4. Email Marketing

Using your website, offer a way for customers to sign-up for announcements or notices. This will allow your restaurant to promote holiday specials, special menus or new additions or important changes. You can also offer a coupon which is a great way to get people to come back to your restaurant that might have forgotten about it.

5. Reach Out to Food Bloggers

There are countless food bloggers in every city both large and small. These bloggers write about new restaurants, new trends in food and everything else in between when it comes to eateries.  Research and contact food bloggers and invite them to your restaurant. This is a great way to tap into their network and possibly get some free media coverage for your restaurant.

Those are just a few different techniques you can use to acquire new customers for your restaurant. As a leading restaurant supply company for over 20 years, Restaurant Equipment Paradise can assist you in every facet needed to help make your restaurant a success.