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Latest Restaurant Equipment and Industry Trends of 2020

Restaurateurs are keeping up with the trends of 2020 to remain competitive in business. As consumers start to spend again on dining experiences, restaurants are investing in trendy commercial equipment to fulfill demand.

Water filtration and multi-tap water dispensers

Find a way to make water profitable by adding multi-tap water dispensers in your restaurant. Suppliers are promoting upscale water filtration systems that dispense a variety of water to their customers. These fancy water dispensers have made it possible for restaurant owners to offer still and sparkling water to their guests. The multi-tap water dispensers offer a range of temperatures from cold to hot. In addition to offering still and sparkling water, some even offer built-in syrup dispensers.

Clean and appealing multifunctional equipment

Restaurant kitchens are adopting open concepts and front-of-house prep as new trends focus toward natural ingredients and clean menus. Customers want to see a cleanly prepped food space and prefer to know exactly where their food comes from. Your customers want to feel like they are part of the cooking experience. Open concept kitchens and front-of-house food prep areas give customers a chance to observe preparation processes.

By implement new cooking equipment in your restaurant, you can phase out older equipment and gain better efficiency. New equipment runs smarter, and this will save you time, labor, and money.

Food waste reduction (composting and recycling)

Food waste reduction is a hot trend in the food service industry. The issue of cutting back food waste has been a big concern for food service operators for years. In 2017, the National Restaurant Association addressed this issue. Nearly 10% of purchased food is thrown away before it even reaches patrons.

Customers are pushing for food waste reduction to become standard in restaurants. These preemptive measures are requiring restaurants to obtain proper equipment necessary to reduce food waste. This includes on-site composting and recycling bins.

Automating the experience

People expect fast service, personalization, convenience and a customized dining experience. In order to stay competitive, the food service industry is transforming to meet the expectations of the public. Automated technology can be an expectation of the future. Restaurants are implementing kiosks; touchscreens, chat bots and artificial intelligence (AI) are breaking into the industry for taking orders. In fact, we can expect drone delivery to be a part of these AI trends, too.

Automated online reservation systems and touchscreen ordering is being put to practice in full-service restaurants. These technological advances give the opportunity of convenience to the customer. Other benefits include learning more about your guests and their unique needs through this technology and the data it collects on them.

As the trends of 2020 aim to improve daily functions within your restaurant, smarter technology continues to influence the foodservice industry and its equipment. The latest commercial equipment and manufacturing industry trends of 2020 aim to develop ways of expanding profit margins by adapting. Reduce labor, food waste and gain a better understanding of your guests, their expectations, and personal demands.

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