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Exposing the mysterious wave of Ghost Kitchens

Ghost restaurants are haunting urban cities with no trace of a storefront in sight. These ghostly kitchens are emerging out of sheer competition amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The new business model is more profitable than ever, delivering to hungry patrons, to meet the demands of traditional brick and mortar dinner service.

Are you looking to trim the costs of real estate and labor at your restaurant?

Here are some advantages of a Ghost Restaurant:

Smaller financial investment

Traditional restaurant business models combine high upfront investment, large overhead cost and competition, which makes it difficult for them to survive or grow at times.  However, Ghost restaurants can fine-tune their operations and make changes faster than in a traditional restaurant environment.

Ghost restaurant owners avoid large overhead costs, giving them more room to make changes, and meet proper demands of their customers. By not having a full-service dining area, ghost restaurants can occupy cheaper real estate, and economize their space.

Opportunity to experiment and adjust your menu

Ingredients can become expensive and hard to find when they are no longer accessible in your area. Additionally, it can be difficult to communicate menu changes to wait staff before dinner service. Ghost kitchens have the ability to simply, swap out menu items so they can devote more time for experimentation.

Ghost restaurants do not rely on foot traffic for patrons; therefore, it is important that these businesses have tech-savvy online marketing approaches. Having a pre-established customer base at your establishment puts you at an advantage.

Adapt to trends

A growing number of customers prefer to eat in the comfort of their own homes without having to wait in line for a table or for their food to arrive. Traditional restaurants have an advantage when it comes to developing online food service delivery operations. In fact, established restaurants many have an easier time jumping onto new trends.

A ghost restaurant exclusively serves its customer base by mobile and online food orders. With menus that exist solely online, these ghost kitchens have the ability to change, and effortlessly adapt to trends. This can be a simple switch for a traditional restaurant.

Partner with food delivery apps and have a an online presence for customers

Transitioning into new norms can be daunting but there is no need to be afraid to ask for help. Collaborate with a food delivery app such as Grubhub to gain exposure to customers or design a website with a functional order form. When collaborating with a food delivery app, you can become a featured restaurant, and earn user’s immediate attention. Customers can then order from your menu, while the food delivery app arranges pickup and delivery.

Ghost kitchens are changing the restaurant business model. Fine-tune your restaurant operations, devote more time to experimentation, develop new marketing approaches, and gain exposure to more virtual customers. These ghost kitchens have unfinished business.

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