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Does Your Restaurant Need a Facelift?

It is a proven fact that most existing customers relate to a change the minute they step into your restaurant. Nobody wants to sit in a booth with a ripped cushion or in a chair that wobbles. Restaurant furniture is similar to a car, over time it is going to show wear and tear. Restauranteurs have tried little tricks such as to cover a worn table with a linen cloth, which over time can be more costly than just investing in a new table. Another thing that is notorious by restaurant owners and staff members is to put wedges under tables to try to keep wobbling to a minimum. Besides these common problems, it is also important to consider if your dining room is set up properly with optimum seating. This may include enough two (2) top tables, as any restaurant owner will tell you they hate to see a four (4) top table that is only occupied by two people.

Remember the first impression when someone walks into your restaurant is going to be a lasting impression – and it’s important to make that impression count.

If you are doing to do a remodel, one of the many things to consider is what is on trend or what could be in style for years to come. What do your customers want? Listen to your customers as there is nothing wrong to ask them if there is something they would like to see or if the seating is comfortable, do they like certain aspects of the décor, etc.

Another important variable is to decide it makes sense to close your restaurant during renovations or if you can make improvements while staying open for business.

As a full-service restaurant company for more than 20 years, Restaurant Equipment Paradise can help you build or revive your dining room. Besides being able to offer you a variety of commercial kitchen equipment and smallwares, we are leaders in the industry when it comes to design and restaurant furniture.

We can help you optimize your seating plan to get the most out of your available dining space. One of the many things that separates us from others in the restaurant industry is that we have access to one of the best millwork companies to change out a bar top, table tops or booths.  We also offer a wide range of chairs and bar stools that can be metal or wood. Seats can be padded or wood and we can match any color in vinyl, fabric or stain.

We can also help you work within a certain budget as there are many tricks of the trade to help your dollar go a long way. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation to design, redesign or remodel your restaurant.