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Connecticut Restaurateurs Quickly Prepare for Phase 3 Plans

The governor of Connecticut has approved a phase 3 plan for restaurants. The plan is projected to take effect on Thursday, October 8, 2020.

For restaurants, these changes in Phase 3 will include an Increase capacity from 50 percent to 75 percent indoors. Custom plexiglass stands and mounting keep your dining room looking clean, neat and tidy. Restaurateurs can achieve this look by purchasing 3/8 inches thick plexiglass dividers, placing them between every booth. Keep your dining room COVID compliant, and limit spread of the virus by making proper social distancing adjustments.

Restaurateurs are making changes to their dining rooms offering clear plexiglass dividers that are seemingly unnoticeable.

Your customers will feel comfortable and secure dining at your establishment knowing that you have taken the proper steps to add to an enjoyable evening out.

The New England weather is going to be changing very soon and that means less outdoor dining customers. Effortlessly transition your dining room to be more COVID compliant. If you are looking to add plexiglass dividers for your restaurant, contact one of our design experts to help get you started.

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