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5 Latest Trends for Restaurants

Are you looking for ways to keep up with the growing takeout demand? Off-premise orders, including takeout, grab & go, drive-thru and catering, now make up 38% of restaurant sales.
More diners are opting to eat their favorite meals at home. And it makes sense. Ordering take-out food means not having to leave the comfort of your home, hire a babysitter, or pay for parking.

Here are 5 food trends that can get you up to speed and to expand your restaurant business:

Grab & Go
Grab and go options are growing in every food operation however, customers are looking for a little more variety beyond the same-old sandwiches, salads, and packaged snacks. Customers overall are looking for ethnic options like street food staples. These foods are designed to be carried while walking, with a drink in the other hand. This means that they should not be too messy and require napkins.

Street Food at Home
Customers are looking to explore diverse flavors when ordering take out. Sampling foreign flavors no longer requires a plane ticket. Today, many of these meals can be enjoyed on your couch. Ethnic foods can transport your customers to the places they wish they could travel to.

Design a menu that communicates authenticity. Restaurant owners can gain some inspiration by incorporating the cuisine of their origins. Spark some inspiration by tapping into your roots, and those special family recipes. Click here to discover some of the most popular street foods around the world.

Quick and Easy
Ready to eat meals that require minimal cooking skills have altered the eating patterns of consumers. This has created opportunities for manufacturers and investors in the instant noodles industry. The reason why instant noodles have gained so much popularity is because they require such minimal cooking skill.

Build Your Own
Give your customers a way to explore their creative side by offering take home meal and drink kits. Encourage your customers to get more interactive. There are fun ways to offer meal and drink kits: build-your-own personal pizzas, roll-your-own sushi, and expo influenced DIY finishing touches.

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