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2 New Restaurant Design Trends of 2021

There are major changes in kitchen and restaurant design for 2021. Restaurant owners are swiftly adapting their businesses to meet the needs of their customers. The coronavirus has changed the way restaurants operate and function. For the next couple of years more changes could be required for restaurateurs.  

In order to accommodate, and prioritize the comfort of your guests, it is important to implement design practices that respect social distancing guidelines at your restaurant. It is evident that people want to continue to show their support for restaurants.

Express Kitchens

Restaurants are making changes to their kitchen layouts. These structural changes are speeding up food services in order to make their food more accessible for their customers. This is very important for delivery and take-out orders

Restaurateurs are becoming more inspired by social distancing regulations caused by the COVID pandemic. Restaurants are making structural changes by re-inventing their back-of-house flow. Like ghost kitchens, these “kitchen-only” delivery teams are making food service nearly contactless.

Much like a ghost kitchen, an express kitchen will offer efficient ordering, while retiring their dining room for the time being. While a standard restaurant features a seating area, these express kitchen establishments will simply have an ordering kiosk and waiting area.

The express kitchens may provide a full view of the kitchen so that customers can experience all the hustle and bustle of a standard restaurant in addition to the mouth-watering aromas.

Walk-up Pick-up Windows

With restaurants required to reduce their capacity due to the COVID pandemic, walk-up pick-up windows have the ability to make up for these losses. This is a great way for restaurants to continue bringing customers to their business without bringing them inside.

While drive-thru windows are not an option for every restaurant, converting your front entry way into a pick-up window may be another change to consider in the future. Repurpose an existing window, or swapping out a standard exterior door for a dutch door. Keep your restaurant in business, limit contact with customers, and keep your staff safe.